Six countries are represented on the Orlando wine events calendar next week – and a busy week it is! From Argentina to Italy, from Napa to Lebanon, you can sample the terroirs of wine regions iconic and under the radar. And that’s not all! Here are some highlights of the week to come.

Monday, travel to one of Napa’s most famous estates, Sterling Vineyards, at Tim’s Windermere.

Wednesday, Tim’s in Orlando holds a class that offers a detailed overview of wines from France’s Southern Rhone.

Thursday, travel to Spain with a free tasting at Tim’s Lake Mary-Sanford, visit and taste with the proprietor of Argentina’s Bodegas Luminis at Swirlery, or dine with the winemaker from Lebanon’s Massaya Winery at Osteria Italian Kitchen.

Friday, it’s off to Italy, as Marzia Varvaglione presents her family’s wines from Puglia at Regency Wine & Liquor.

Saturday, Marzia Varvaglione will make a second appearance, this time at the relatively new VINIA Wine Bar; or, you could explore the world of sparkling wine over brunch at Luke’s, get a great wine primer with The Educated Consumer class at Tim’s Avalon Park, or delve into winter wine and food pairings with Central Florida Women for Winesense.

Details for all these events, plus many more in the weeks to come, are on the Calendar Page.

While you’re saving up your money or vacation time for that round-the-world trip, isn’t it great that you can can travel the world through wine without ever leaving Central Florida? Cheers to that, Orlando!

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