I started this blog in 2016 as a general wine site called My Wine Blog. The following year, I decided to give it a local focus, realizing that Central Florida’s wine community needed an online information source.

Orlando Wine Blog is a place for wine enthusiasts and professionals in Orlando and Central Florida to find out about local tastings, dinners, classes, and other events  and to keep up with wine people, wine venues, and industry news in our area’s vibrant and growing wine community. But, just as our community is welcoming to all, I hope this site will be a home for all wine lovers.

You’ll also find tales of visits to wineries from California to Missouri (yes, Missouri), plus accounts of my experiences discovering new wines and meeting winemakers. And, while this is not a wine review site, I can’t help writing about a few bottles that make me sit up and notice once in awhile.

Whether you’re a local, a visitor looking for a sip of the real Orlando, or you just love reading, thinking, and talking about wine, this blog’s for you.

About Me


I’m a lifelong journalist. I spent eight years at Central Florida’s public radio station, WMFE and two years at Colorado Public Radio in Denver. I now run Smelser Editing & Consulting, an Orlando-based company providing journalism consulting, training, and editing to news organizations around the country.

Wine is my avocation and my passion.  I go to several tastings a week, and I always seem to be talking about wine. So far, I’ve resisted making a career out of my oenophilia, but I’m lucky enough to count many wonderful wine professionals as tutors, tasting companions, and close friends.

Me with a 1975 Graves at Bern’s Steak House, Tampa



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