Your holiday break is over, Orlando! The post-Christmas lull on the local wine event scene is about to give way to a steady ramp-up over the next month.

Area wine merchants seem to have latched onto next Thursday as the day to jump back into things. Such traffic jams are unfortunate, as I’ve opined about before, but on the bright side, maybe this one will help you work on your new year’s resolution to be more decisive!

Here are a few highlights of upcoming events:

Orlando’s Week in Wine:

Tomorrow (Saturday), Vintage Vino celebrates ten years in business in downtown Kissimmee with a couple of VIP happy hours, followed by a general admission party.

Wednesday, Tim’s in Orlando kicks off the year with his popular “Educated Consumer” class. When I took it years ago, it jump-started my descent into full wine geekery.

Thursday, a super-cool tasting with two northern Italian winemakers at Digress sold out within a day, but as I mentioned, there are plenty of other options:

Details of all these events are on the Calendar Page. Things get even busier and more exciting later in the month, so be sure to look ahead.

Cheers to the New Year, Orlando!


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