Post-Holiday Wine Events Abound

I hope you all celebrated well on the Fourth of July. I enjoyed some lovely Champagne and this amazing view of the fireworks over Orlando’s Lake Eola!

Our local wine merchants are emerging from their holiday stupor (as are we all), and they have some fun things in store for next week. Read on for highlights of …


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Hidden Wine Country: Napa’ School House Vineyard Keeps Things Quietly Classic

All photos by Steve Mort

Napa and Sonoma, the two counties at the heart of California wine country, are famous for lavish tasting rooms, Michelin star restaurants, and deluxe accommodations. Drive even a few hundred yards along Napa’s main thoroughfare, Highway 29, and you’re likely to pass five or six big name wineries ready to put on an impressive, pricey, and often thoroughly enjoyable show for you.

But hidden behind them, there’s another world — a place that’s more about passion than money, more about soil than manipulation, more about history than trends, and more about experimentation than safe bets. You have to look a little harder for this hidden Wine Country, drive a little farther to get there, and pay a little more attention when you arrive. But it’s well worth the effort.

Part 1 of this series takes us to School House Vineyard, a Napa stalwart making elegant wines that remain largely unknown, even to many of the Valley’s most ardent fans.

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This Week’s Orlando Wine Events are Sweet, Cool & Blind

Welcome to summer, Orlando! Who am I kidding, we all know it’s been summer here for months, but now the calendar has officially caught up to our weather. It’s time to take refuge from the heat with some wine events that will keep you cool and quenched. Read on for the highlights of …


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Slipping Slowly into Summer Wine Season

Temperatures continue to warm in the City Beautiful, and I can feel the tempo beginning to slow down on the wine scene, as Central Florida slips into its languid summer pace. But there are still plenty of events to enjoy and plenty of recurring events to check out too.

Given the slower pace, I’ll go ahead and share event highlights for the next two weeks. It works out well, since I’ll also be a little busy in the coming days. As I write this, I’m winging my way to California wine country – be sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook for updates on my adventures!

Without further ado, here are …


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