Next week is a relatively quiet one for Orlando’s wine scene. Perhaps Central Florida is taking a collective deep breath as we gear up to send the kids back to school next week. But there are still opportunities for the oenophile to seize! Read on for highlights of …


Wednesday, Soco Restaurant hosts a five course wine dinner featuring Orlando’s Quantum Leap Winery.

Thursday, Digress co-hosts a blind tasting “extravaganza” with local news website Bungalower, and Tim’s Avalon Park holds a free tasting to showcase four “easily overlooked wines.”

Sunday, The Wine Room on Park Ave. hosts its 4th annual Italian Wine & Cheese Festival featuring wines from Campania, Puglia, Veneto, Sardinia, Bolgheri, Tuscany, and Piedmont.

Details of these events and more are on the Calendar Page … and since this is a slower-than-usual week, it’s also a great opportunity to scroll down and check out some of the recurring wine events happening every week in our wonderful wine community.

Cheers, Orlando!

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