My first encounter with Sonoma’s Gary Farrell Winery happened on my front porch in Orlando. My cousin had brought me back a bottle from her visit to the winery, and as we drank it together over cheese and laughter, it changed the way I thought about California chardonnay. Elegant and balanced rather than overwhelmed by oak and butter, this was a wine I could get behind.

Since then, I’ve visited the winery several times and have grown to love the equally elegant pinot noirs that, like the chardonnays, reflect the land on which they’re grown.

I’ve also been thrilled to discover winemaker Theresa Heredia’s “Inspiration Series.” These experimental wines (single clones, concrete aging, skin contact, etc.) are made in extremely limited quantities and are rarely available outside the winery. Thanks to a special connection between Gary Farrell and Orlando, I’m thrilled to be able to offer my readers and followers the chance to taste some of these wines – and other Gary Farrell gems – right here in Central Florida. And it’s just a few weeks away.

Gary’s Orlando Connection

Many Orlando oenophiles and foodies will remember Tiffany Kuhn from her time as wine director at Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse. Two years ago, she left her lifelong Central Florida home and moved to California to further her career in wine. She landed at Gary Farrell, where she’s now the Estate Sommelier and Wine Educator.

Gary Farrel Tiffany
Orlando’s Tiffany Kuhn pours for a tasting in her role as Estate Sommelier and Wine Educator at Gary Farrell Winery in Sonoma.

Gary’s Geeky Side

When Tiffany told me she’d be coming to Orlando in September to promote Gary Farrell, we immediately started scheming. The winery’s classic pinots and chardonnays have many fans here, but we wanted to introduce Central Florida to the geeky side of Gary.

Tiffany has put together an exciting array of nine wines that do just that, and we’re partnering with Digress Wine in College Park on September 17 to showcase them.

Single clones, single vineyard blocks, skin contact chardonnay, and back vintage library selections will be on offer at this cellar room tasting. It’s a rare opportunity to try these wines outside the winery and to learn about the terroir and winemaking techniques that created them.

I, for one, am really excited about this tasting, and I hope many of you will join us. Details and updates are on the Facebook event page, and you can buy tickets here.

Space is limited, so don’t wait!

2 thoughts on “Orlando Wine Blog to Host Geeky Gary Farrell Tasting

  1. I am an old friend of Gary Allen Farrell. We first met working at a market in Altadena,California, where we are both from. Gary moved to Sonoma County in the early 70s . While living in Puerto Rico he summoned me to Sonoma County. He was working for Davis Bynum Winery and told me there was a job waiting if I would come. So I did and I worked with Davis Bynum, Gary Farrell And another old friend of ours, Scott Harris-creating some great Pinot Noirs, Chardonnays( Howie Allen vineyards and Terry Harrison )Cabernets
    And old vine Zinfandels from Joe Rochioli‘s vineyards .If you would like any further details about our relationship within the scope of Davis Bynum winery contact me at my

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