August is shaping up to be the kind of month that makes me happy to be a winelover in Orlando.

There are a TON of exciting new entries on the Events Page, many of which went directly onto my personal calendar as I was updating the site! There’s not time to highlight them all, but a few key words include:

  • Jura & Savoie
  • Rosé Blind Contest
  • Raclette
  • Dry Riesling

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves! This week holds great promise too.

The headliners this week are two wine dinners. Your decision about which to attend might be based on whether you recently lightened your wallet during, say, a trip to Europe (ahem).

One is a high-end Cristal & Roederer Champagne dinner at Capa that promises to be sumptuous.

The other is a “picnic wine dinner” at DoveCote, where you’re encouraged to wear shorts and flip-flops … but where the Drouhin wines on offer will be several steps above white zinfandel in a box.

If you really splurged on that summer vacation, there are a few free tastings coming up too.

As always, details for these and many other Central Florida wine events are on the Events Page.

Happy wine-ing!

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