It’s been a quieter couple of weeks on the Orlando wine scene, as we all slowed down for the Memorial Day holiday (I was chilling at the beach last weekend with the lineup in that photo up there).  All the rain we’ve been having has made things feel a little sluggish too. But today the sun is out, and next week kicks off an active June for Central Florida wine lovers!

You could tasting-hop tomorrow, from BevFly’s “June for Juice” to WineStyles’ Viviza sampling.

Wednesday, travel to Provence – beyond just rosés – with a class at Tim’s Orlando.

And on Thursday, you’ll wish you could clone yourself rather than having to choose between these three events:

  • Italian wine tasting with Augustan’s Brian Kerney at Swirlery
  • Zin tasting at Tim’s Lake Mary
  • Natural wine tasting at the Wine Barn.

Details for these and many more events are on our Events Page.

Your summer break is over – time to start sipping!

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