Will you take five minutes and provide your feedback on the UnWineding podcast through a short anonymous survey? Here’s why I need your help.

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Over four months ago, UnWineding began following three professionals in Orlando’s wine and beverage industry as they started to navigate the economic and personal upheaval brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Melissa McAvoy of SoDo’s Swirlery Wine Bar, Rob Chase of Digress Wine in College Park, and local bartender/sommelier/server Christina Peebles have shared their experiences week after week, helping listeners understand the realities behind the headlines and the numbers.

When I launched the podcast in March, I was driven by an urgency to capture history as it was unfolding before our eyes, and there were many things I could not have imagined back then. I didn’t imagine the podcast would still be in production in August, much less that bars would still be unable to serve (remember how the heat and humidity were going to kill the virus?). But here we are, and the pandemic shows no signs of letting up on the wine and beverage industry.

I’m taking a step back now to think about the future of the podcast, and I’d like to consider your input as I do. I’d be grateful if you would take five minutes to share your feedback through this anonymous survey. Cheers, and many thanks!

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