Three Orlando wine professionals consider how a new stay-at-home order will affect their livelihoods, amid rising concerns about their families and colleagues.

About UnWineding

When the COVID-19 pandemic erupted around the world, restaurants and bars suddenly found themselves on the front lines of an economy that was rapidly shutting down. In Orlando, one of America’s hospitality capitals, people who make their living in the area’s blossoming wine community scrambled to adjust to ever-changing rules and realities.

Their experiences will become part of the history of this extraordinary moment in time.

UnWineding tells that story in their own words.

Thanks to Orlando composer Julian Bond for providing music for UnWineding and to Amy Tardif for editorial assistance.

2 thoughts on “UnWineding Episode 2: Stay-at-Home

  1. Hi Judith. Very sobering, but the music underneath the voices made this less grim. Congrats to your composer for finding the right feel. It’s weird to say that I “enjoyed” this. How about I appreciated this.


    1. Thank you, Doug. The music is a mix of Julian’s work and some other tracks I’ve sourced. Music is such a powerful element. Also, my three subjects are remarkably positive in the face of all they’re up against. I’m glad you appreciated it, and I think it’s ok if you enjoyed it too.


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