Orlando wine lovers have a busy week coming up, with opportunities to taste and learn about wine from the Beaver State (seriously, that’s Oregon’s nickname), the Land Down Under, and one of the world’s oldest winemaking regions. Plus, plenty of other classes and tastings.

Read on for highlights of …

Orlando’s Week in Wine

Monday, Tim’s in Avalon Park offers a class on Australian wines.

Tuesday, Oregon winemakers Eugenia Keegan of Grand Moraine Winery and Erik Kramer of Willakenzie Winery show off the fruits of their labors at Tim’s Windermere.

Wednesday, Eugenia Keegan is at Swirlery for an Oregon tasting with Master Sommelier Emily Pickral, Tim’s Orlando hosts yet another Oregon tasting, and The Wine Room hops on the Aussie train with a tasting of Penfolds wines.

Thursday, Digress offers a class examining the “four pillars” of wine (acidity, fruit, alcohol, and tannin), Luisa’s Cellar hosts a wine and cheesecake pairing, and Tim’s Lake Mary holds a free rosé tasting.

Friday, travel to Hellas with Regency Wine & Liquor‘s Greek wine tasting.

As always, details of these events are on the Calendar Page.

Happy Spring sipping, Orlando!

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