If you’re a wine geek like I am and you’re in Central Florida this week, trust me, you’re going to wish you could clone yourself.

First off, Swirlery is hosting what might be (complete conjecture but I bet it’s true) Orlando’s first rosé blind tasting contest on Tuesday.

Of course, most rosés are not geeky at all. They’re what you drink when you want to kick back on your porch or by the pool. A rosé blind tasting, on the other hand, is pretty darned geeky. Make it a contest, and you’re into the realm of the super-geeky.

Yes, there will be judges and prizes, but I’m assured that the contest part – where you’ll be asked to guess the grape and the region and take a stab at the producer – will be written. So there’s no public humiliation if you mistake a Spanish rosé of garnacha for a Bandol. You do have to sign up, though. Visit the Events Page for details.

Wednesday’s the day you’ll want that clone. There are not one, but two geeky wine events on tap:

  • Tim’s Orlando hosts a class that Tim Varan is actually calling “Geekfest,” featuring Jura, Savoie, and Cru Beaujolais wines.
  • The Parkview‘s event pits “Wild Beer vs Wild Wine,” featuring Highway Manor sour beers and natural wines from City Beautiful Beverage, paired with cheeses from La Femme du Fromage.

Does all this sound just a little TOO geeky for you? Never fear, there are plenty of events for the not-so-nerdy, including a chocolate and wine tasting and events featuring La Crema and Wagner Family wines.

Head to the Events Page and check it all out!

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