It’s Day 3 of Florida’s COVID-19 bar and restaurant restrictions. More local businesses are joining those we reported on Tuesday and jumping on the curbside pickup bandwagon. They include:

But that’s not all. There are other creative ways local wine businesses hope to entice patrons to come, maybe not in the door, but at least close to it.

Luisa’s Cellar in Sanford is serving up a daily dose of social connection with “Wine and Friends” chats on Facebook and Instagram, starting tonight at 8:30pm. The bar is also holding a free webinar on Sicilian aglianico on Saturday evening with the wine available for purchase and pickup beforehand. It’s continuing its live music schedule too, through a series of concerts streamed live on Facebook and Instagram.

The Parkview is offering “mystery boxes” of six or twelve bottles. The full case option is made up of selections from previous releases of the restaurant’s eclectic wine club.

Swirlery‘s Advanced Sommelier Melissa McAvoy has put together a “Somm 6-pack,” complete with food pairing suggestions.

There are plenty of other specials and creative ideas floating around town and across the social media feeds of local wine and food businesses.

They’re changing by the day – sometimes by the hour – as these establishments try to stay one step ahead of a crisis that would’ve caught even the most conscientious business planner by surprise.

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